The Policy of Human Resources is defined in a close articulation with the Vision, Mission and Values of Engimov Construções S.A. and is at the centre of human capital enhancement and of conciliation between the objectives and interests of the employee/company. Only this enhancement allows us to stimulate the organisational involvement indispensable to our employees’ motivation, leading them to commit to excellence in their performance and to contribute to a continuous Improvement which is essential to set high levels of competitiveness that are crucial in an increasingly demanding market.


In this context, the policy of human resources management comprises the existence of a set of procedures and tools that directly contribute to the improvement of management processes and that allow us to reach the objectives of the Quality Management System the that we have set ourselves, making the employees our main competitive factor. Since its foundation that the company Engimov Construções S.A. distinguishes itself for the way as it faces the relationship with its Employees.


Thus, recruitment and selection, training, qualification, career management and career advancement, performance assessment, the incentive system, involvement and participation, are part of a set of practices which contribute to the correct management of people aiming at enhancing and developing the competences and at contributing to the employees’ job satisfaction and self-realisation.

Recruitment and


The recruitment and selection policy has as objective to attract, identify and select the best professionals available in the market, also by investing, whenever possible, in the promotion and internal mobilisation of its employees, thus promoting personal and professional development and subsequently the levels of satisfaction.

Curricular Internships

A part of the Human Resources Management policy is the acceptance of curricular internships at the various levels, allowing the interns to apply the knowledge acquired along their education and providing them, for the most cases, with a first experience in the world of work. Besides, this a source of recruitment often used in the recruitment of new employees.

Professional Training

Engimov Construções S.A. has a young staff. It is known to be a company investing in the enhancement of its personnel, by promoting countless professional training actions and by encouraging its employees to conclude their academic education. The strong investment in training and in the development of human resources competences has as objective to obtain high levels of performance and profitability.


The initiatives that we have been developing in terms of training, at all hierarchical levels and in all departments, are designed to bridge potential technical and behavioural gaps presented by the employees in order to provide them with the tools which are essential for them to effectively perform their current functions and to be able to aspire to new functions, new positions, new responsibilities, according to the career project defined. Training is a continuous concern and therefore a permanent practice.

Satisfaction Surveys

The satisfaction and motivation of the employees are considered to be a critical factor of success as far as the competitiveness of the organisations is concerned. Aware of the importance of this, Engimov Construções S.A. conducts every year a survey with the purpose of knowing what the perception of employees is in relation to the various aspects of the organisation and understanding their global level of involvement. The objective of this is to identify the variables of the employees’ satisfaction and involvement, which allows to adjust the strategies outlined for a favourable ambiance, where everyone feels they are a part of the organisation and contribute to its success.

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