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Created in 2007, as the result of the restructuring of SDBC – Construções, Lda., it brings along a past of large experience and know-how in the field of building and public works. The competitive market and the customers’ needs asked for a new approach in the sector. More modern, innovative and technologically more advanced.

Thus, Engimov was born, with a new image and new approaches to the Building sector. Not forgetting, however, its essential values: professionalism, accuracy and commitment towards all its work partners. Our team is composed of qualified personnel who guarantee our customers the service of excellence in any field.


from the president

For Engimov, each project is unique and we always search for the solution which is the most adequate to the needs of each customer. To achieve excellence, we have a qualified team, with the adequate know-how to carry out any project. That is our main asset: we are totally open to new projects and proposals and our personnel is capable of facing any professional challenge. Only through this approach of permanent and customised follow-up can we ensure the total satisfaction of our customers, from sketch to construction.

Engimov overriding commitment is to the company’s sustained growth, combining accuracy and the experience accumulated along the years of operation in the sector.

President – Tomás Barbosa


of the Group


Experience in the building sector which leads to the company’s recognition in the region.


Activity focused not only in the private sector. The public sector has been given particular attention.


Competent and professional work with high-quality services.

Specialised Staff

Investment in experts with high technical and professional skills.


Investment in personnel training in order for them to better meet the customers’ needs.


Combining the best technical solution and the lowest cost always aiming at the total satisfaction of our customers.

Quality and Safety

We assume the policy which aims at promoting and protecting our personnel’s Safety and Health, as well as the total satisfaction of our customers.


Deep knowledge acquired along the years building housing, commercial, recreational, industrial and tourism complexes, as well as undertaking restoration and decoration works.


& Quality

Engimov Construções S.A. is a company specialised in construction and engineering, distinguished by its technical team and resources capable of meeting the varied needs of customers with high quality standards.

Thus, the main Intentions of our Policy are:

  • Continuous improvement of our effectiveness and efficiency, both at the technical level and at the managerial level of the organisation
  • Build a trustworthy image so that we are considered a benchmark company in the area where we operate
  • Grow sustainably
  • Build an open and trustworthy relationship with customers by meeting their requirements and striving to exceed their expectations
  • Compliance with national and EU legal requirements
  • Establish continuous training projects for employees as a method so that they can become the pillars of the organisation. Because Employees are the spirit of an organisation, and being fully engaged in that allow their skills and qualifications to be used for the benefit of the whole organisation
  • Respond effectively to customer requests from design to delivery of keys (from initial design to completed build)
  • Make improvements in the processes that are fundamental for the development of the organisation
  • Establish partnerships with organisations with technical and innovative skills (suppliers and subcontractors) who, together with capable suppliers, can lead to mutual improvement and add value to the service we provide.

Our structure of human and technical resources is capable of fulfilling these needs. We thoroughly explain here our total commitment and effort in participating in the overall improvement of our organisation.

Quality is never obtained by chance, it is always the result of the common effort of all employees. To meet the customers’ expectations, ensuring not only their retention but also competitiveness and the sustainable development by guaranteeing in an unambiguous and transparent way to the various stakeholders an adequate Management System which strengthens the trend of continuous improvement.

With a view to the Satisfaction of our Customers and the Continuous Improvement of our Quality Management System, and meeting all the legal and regulatory requirements, we started in 2011 the process of certification through the Quality Management System, and it was with great satisfaction that Engimov Construções S.A., obtained quality certification granted by NP EN ISO 9001 in 2012.

It is on the basis of the rigorous evaluation of our suppliers and in the performance of our works with perfection that we have been trying to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. These values are essential for the provision of our services with the required quality, in order to meet the customers’ expectations, as well as to meet all the requirements related with the services provided by us. We also assume the commitment of continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, investing in the simplification and in the optimisation of various processes implemented and, above all, involving all the company’s employees in the accomplishment of this objective.

Engimov is a certified company.

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